BART Trains (Bay-Area Rapid Transit)

Here’s an oldie from back in the day. I spent a night riding the local rails. The BART system is over 30 years old and travels all around the central Bay Area. The Sound Designer in me always loved how the trains sound moving through the tunnels--loud, harsh, and ghostly. Though the passenger in me abhors it for the same reason. I bring earplugs when riding the system due to the excessively loud noise. SF to Berkeley will give you a nice dose of tinnitus for the next half hour.

Many of these recordings were used as source in the game Hellgate: London as part of the Foetid Tunnels level set (designed by the intrepid Charles W. Lapp). An effect send with a little delay, some reverb, mix with wind and bangs, balance it all out, and PRESTO! Instant post-apocalyptic London Tube backgrounds.

BART Series by dsteinwedel

Recording Geek Notes: Neumann 191 to a Fostex FR-2. Most likely with a Sound Devices 302 in between. All @ 16/48k (it was a long time ago).